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    [THEORY] Why kitera is relaxed even of the tremendous power of jiren, goku and other warriors

    The power of son goku, jiren and kefla is tremendously high and pretty much they can flip the tables of the tournament at any time, since goku’s ultra instinct has been awakened for the second time! and he seems to be handling that much power pretty well against kefla, however ultra instinct is a very rare […] More

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    14 kakashi cosplays that are looking like the same fictional character

    Kakashi Hatake is one of the best Konoha’s ninjas and he is also famed as Kakashi of the sharingan , he had a rough background, his mother died when he was very young and he got raised by his father sakumo hatake despite this, Kakashi is a very versatile man with high proficiency and that what makes him a one […] More

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    13 tatsumaki cosplays that are done professionally

    Tatsumaki is a female hero (S-class) in the one punch man series, she gets commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. She has a youthful face with emerald green eyes and hair that naturally curls up on the ends. She is loved by cosplayers because of her tremendous power, also her foggy […] More

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    11 android 18 cosplays that are totally worth watching

    Android 18 is a one hella of a strong character on dragon ball and what i mean about strong i’m talking about the personnality and power too, she has a brother in the name of android 17 and they are both in a blurry atmosphere, so today we will be lookin at the top 11 […] More

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    14 Goku cosplays done by female cosplayers

    Goku is a main character on the dragon ball series, depicted as carefree, cheerful and friendly when at ease, but quickly serious and strategic-minded, when in battle. and that what makes him special on the anime world, alot of cosplayers love to dress as him even girls do it! and that’s what are we going […] More

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    12 Cool bulma cosplays that are totally worth seeing

    Bulma is vegeta’s wife and she’s one of the dragon ball series main characters that have a huge impact on the story , however many cosplayers like to dress as her, so today we will be looking at 12 of the best bulma cosplays. Edit: Bulma’s voice actor Hiromi Tsuru passed away the November 16/2017, […] More

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