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13 tatsumaki cosplays that are done professionally

tatsumaki cosplays

Tatsumaki is a female hero (S-class) in the one punch man series, she gets commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is.

She has a youthful face with emerald green eyes and hair that naturally curls up on the ends.

She is loved by cosplayers because of her tremendous power, also her foggy personnality and that makes her a loved character.

So today we will be lookin at the 13 best of tatsumaki cosplays.

You can learn more about the character on wiki.

Tatsumaki cosplays

1 – tatsumaki cosplay by Kuzu Pandasonne.

tatsumaki cosplays

2 – tatsumaki cosplay by _francescavolpe_.

tatsumaki cosplays

3 – tatsumaki cosplay by Source.

tatsumaki cosplays

4 – tatsumaki art by cursedapple on artstation.

tatsumaki cosplays

5 – tatsumaki cosplay by Misa Chiang.

tatsumaki cosplays

6 – tatsumaki cosplay by Rikachuu.

tatsumaki cosplays

7 – tatsumaki cosplay by Source.

tatsumaki cosplays

8 – tatsumaki cosplay by Source.

tatsumaki cosplays

9 – tatsumaki cosplay by ottinger

tatsumaki cosplays

10 – tatsumaki cosplay by vegaart.

tatsumaki cosplays

11 – tatsumaki cosplay by blushingbats

tatsumaki cosplays

12 – tatsumaki cosplay by haruhichanxd.

tatsumaki cosplays

13 – tatsumaki cosplay by Nethicite Cosplay.

tatsumaki cosplays

Thank you for watching.

You can always check our cosplay collection here.

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